Introduce of tube fiber laser cutter machine-Tulsa

Introduce of tube fiber laser cutter machine-Tulsa

In order to meet customer’s demand, we changed any details of fiber laser cutter machine.

First, let me show you.

No.1 New details of tube fiber laser cutter machine

As we all known,details will effect much of machine.

1.First, Yaskawa Electric, front and rear standard dual drive; 3000W three, 850W and 400W each on

2.Besides, machine dimensions:
11 meters (plus feeding rack) X3.5 meters X2.5 meters
2.5 meters under the shelf (can be customized

3.Then park Chu control; standard proportional valve; BT240; YYC; on the silver; Star Treasure, the other configuration unchanged

4.And pneumatic chuck 30-200mm;
Electric chuck 30-230mm

5.About 200mm theoretical scrap length

No.2 Truck

First, it include chuck manual, pneumatic, electric three.
And three different uses have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Then manual: the price is low, but for the thick tube clamp is not tight.
Pneumatic: Technical stability, the current largest amount of form.
Electric: Each chuck manufacturers technical differences are too large.
And more than 200 is not recommended to use, holding power is not enough

So sealed, round beating accuracy can reach 0.03, but open type, round beating accuracy of only 0.5

No.3 Transmission difference of tube fiber laser cutter machine

1.The different transmission methods: We use two deceleration, high precision, large reduction ratio.
So normarl one the use of reducer and chuck direct connection, the middle no over-belt,
And effect the service life of reducer.

2. And we all standard square guide rail, high precision.
But the normal one is a circular rail, can only be used to drive, almost no accuracy.

This is a part of tube fiber laser cutting machine, we will share to you contine in the future.

Because we like to discuss and share with others.

Besides, hope we will have cooperate and help you.


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