No.1 What are the influencing factors of the cutting effect?-Ivy

What are the influencing factors of the cutting effect? here sharing with you some factors:

1.Laser cutting speed

During laser cutting, the cutting speed have a big influence for the fiber laser cutting effect. The ideal cutting speed make the cut surface show smooth line, and there is no slag on the bottom of cutting edge. When auxiliary gas and laser power is fixed, the cutting speed and lance is nonlinear inverse relationship. The laser power will stay on the cutting lance when cutting speed is slow, it will make the cutting lance largen.

With the laser cutting speed increasing, laser energy stay time become shorter on the work piece. This makes the thermal diffusion and heat conduction effect become smaller, then the cutting lance become thinner. If the cutting speed is so fast, the work piece can’t be cut through due to the lack of cutting heat. This is not completely cut. The molten material can’t be blow away in time, then it will be re-weld.

2.focal position

The focal position will affect the cut roughness, slope lance, and the the attachment of molten slag. If the focal position is too low, it will increase the heat absorption capacity of cutting material bottom. When cutting speed and auxiliary gas pressure is fixed, it will make the molten material flowing under the material. If the focal position is too high, the cutting material bottom can’t absorb enough heat. So the cutting lance can’t melt completely and some slag will attach under the plate.

Usually focal position should be on the cutting surface or little lower. But different material have different request. When cut carbon steel, fiber laser cutting effect is good if focal position on the surface. When cutting stainless steel, focal position should be on the position of plate middle.

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