Influence of main process parameters of tube laser cutter-Angelina

Influence of main process parameters of tube laser cutter

This passage we mainly talk about the tube laser cutter.

Previously we mentioned that advanced laser processing technology is particularly suitable for processing various metal pipes.

Nowadays, the tube laser cutting system is developing towards high flexibility and high automation.

And finally it can realize the production mode of different materials and small batches.

Therefore, to understand and break through the key technology of tube laser cutting system.

System equipment suppliers can have a broader development prospect in the field of metal pipe cutting.

1.Laser power impact

For a continuous wave output laser generator, the amount of laser power has an important effect on laser cutting.

In theory, the greater the laser power of the laser-cutting pipe equipment, the greater the cutting speed.

But combined with the characteristics of the pipe itself, the maximum cutting power is not the best choice.

When the cutting power  increases, the mode of the laser itself changes, which affects the focus of the laser beam.

In actual machining, we often choose to achieve the highest power density for the focus at less than the maximum power.

Thus ensuring the efficiency and cutting quality of the entire laser cutting.

1.More factors influencing the tuber laser cutter

2.Cutting speed impact

Laser cutting of the pipe must ensure that the cutting speed is within a certain range to obtain better cutting quality.

If the cutting speed is slow, excessive heat will accumulate on the surface of the pipe.

The heat-affected zone will become larger, the slit will become wider.

And the discharged hot-melt material will cauterize the surface of the cut, making the surface of the cut rough.

When the cutting speed increases, the average circumferential slit width of the pipe becomes smaller.

And the smaller the diameter of the cut pipe, the more obvious the effect.

As the cutting speed increases, the time of laser action is shortened.

If the cutting speed is too fast, people cannot cut the pipe continuously.

Thereby affecting the overall cutting quality.

3.Effect of pipe size

When the tube is laser cut, the characteristics of the tube itself can have a great influence on the processing.

For example, the size of the pipe diameter has a significant impact on the processing quality.

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