What Industry Need Fiber Laser Marking Machinery-Tulsa

What Industry Need Fiber Laser Marking Machinery-Tulsa

We talked fiber laser cutting machine customer yesterday, now we talked about fiber laser marking machine customer industry.

Hope these information will help you to learn more about this market.

No.1 Medical devices

Because of medical devices will direct contact with the skin, besides hurt skin is weaken.

So that printing marking on medical device perhaps will effect many questions.

Fiber laser marking will not damage your skin and can’t be clean, it’s very good.

And medical device material is almost stainlesss steel  and other metal.

So normal fiber laser marking machinery will meet demand.

Besides, we offer FDA and other certification to our customer, very safe.

No.2 Plastic

As we talked before, fiber laser marking machine can mark a part of plastic.

If you just need mark this part of plastic, fiber laser marking machine will meet your demand.

But if you need mark many kind plastic, you need UV and Mopa fiber laser marking machinery.

Because they have many advantage in plastic marking.

No.3 Jewelry and gunmarking

Jewelry business and gun amrking is very popular in our many customer.

Jewelry cutting and gun marking is need engraving or cutting on metal.

It mean that they need to cut or deep engraving, need depth.

So they will choose high power, like 50w.

In fact, gun marking, jewelry cutting and metal marking is all use fiber laser marking machine.

Just different in laser power, marking needn’t high power, so 20w or 30w is enough.

No.4 glass or crystal

Glass and crystal engraving or cutting is always artist produce.

And fiber laser marking machine can not meet your demand.

So you need UV or green fiber laser marking machine.

It can perfect marking or engraving on glass and crystal.


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