Improve Your Laser Cutting Efficiency by 4 Functions (II)-Serena

Improve Your Laser Cutting Efficiency by 4 Functions


At present, fiber laser cutting machines are increasingly popular at home and abroad. And widely adopt by metal plate processing industry. It can not only improve production efficiency. But also propel the intellectualization and automation degree of metal plate processing. Judging from current developing strategy. Fiber laser cutting machines have gradually replace traditional cutting methods.With order increases and business expansion. The higher fiber laser cutting efficiency and quality are widely pursue by users in the process of fiber laser cutting.

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter
The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

Now, 4 practical functions we recommend below can help you with the improvement of fiber laser cutting efficiency and performance.

For early laser cutting machines. The laser cutting head needs to finish three actions, namely, lift (high enough to be safe), move flatly and fall. However, the leapfrog technology, a remarkable technical progress, will save lifting and falling duration by giving up flat moving. For frogs, food is caught. For laser cutting machines, the reward is higher cutting efficiency.

While cutting different materials, the focus of laser beam must fall on different positions of workpiece section. As thus, it is needful to adjust focus position (namely, change focus). Early laser cutting machines usually adjust focus by hands, however, many laser cutting machines have been equip with autofocus function now. Specifically speaking, a variable curvature reflector (or known as adjustable mirror) is placed before laser beam gets into focusing mirror, then, divergence angle of reflected laser beam changes by varying the curvature, as a result, focus position is changed. In this way, laser focus will be rapidly adjuste to the optimum position.

3.Automatic Edge Searching. The automatic edge searching can perceive the sheet tilting angle and point of origin, and change cutting process. With it, the time of workpiece translocation can be save–it is not easy to adjust (move) hundreds of kilograms of workpiece on cutting platform. Hence, this function will make for waste avoidance and efficiency improvement.