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Improve efficiency of laser cutter

Fiber laser cutting machine is highly efficient. And it has high precision and low pollution. So comparing with traditional cutting machines, Laser cutting machines can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium alloy. And other metals faster and more accurately. But how to improve efficiency of the cutting efficiency of the laser cutting machine?

1. Reasonably plan the cutting graph route

At first,when performing laser cutting, you must look at the drawings firstly.  Then you should plan the best cutting route and avoid repeated cutting.

2. Laser cutting machine parameters

Secondly, the setting of laser cutting machine parameters is one of the important factors. It will affect the cutting speed. If you didn’t adjust the parameters well, it will affect the cutting speed. And you need to change different gases according to different materials. And adjust the corresponding parameters, thus you will exert the best kinetic energy machine.

3. Working environment

If the working environment temperature of the fiber laser cutter is higher than 30 degrees, or lower than 18 degrees. And there is a lot of dust. Or the environment is humid. Thus it will easily lead to an increase in the failure rate and even seriously damage to the machine. A good plant environment can effectively improve the cutting efficiency of the equipment.

4. Regular maintenance

After a period of use, you should debug and maintaine the fiber laser cutting machine. Timely replacement and maintenance of wearing parts will greatly improve cutting efficiency. And it will also reduce the equipment failure rate effectively .

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