How to improve the cutting precision of laser cutting machine?-Bunny

Around the 1970s, laser cutting technology first apply in modern industrial production. In the subsequent development, laser cutting technology gradually apply in sheet metal processing, plastic, glass and other materials cutting. Becoming an indispensable and important process in industrial production.

Generally, the factors of affecting the cutting quality mainly include the following aspects: Firstly, the size of the spot after the laser beam focus; Secondly, the positioning accuracy of the work table;The third is the thickness of the workpiece;The fourth is the workpiece material.The smaller the laser beam spot, the higher the precision of the workbench, the thinner the workpiece thickness, the more conducive to improve the quality of cutting.

Firstly, it is necessary to achieve accurate control of the focus 

The smaller the focal depth of the focusing lens is, the smaller the spot at the focal point will be. Therefore, the focal position can be effectively control on the metal surface to improve the cutting quality.

Secondly, the cutting and piercing technology optimize

Because the laser cutting machine belongs to thermal cutting, it is also necessary to penetrate a small hole in the metal plate, and then the laser beam begins to cut the plate at the small hole.

Thirdly, optimize nozzle design and flow control technology

During the processing of sheet metal by laser cutting machine,

oxygen squeeze by nozzle and acted on the surface of the material by laser beam. The basic requirements for airflow are large flow rate and fast speed. So as to ensure that there is enough oxygen and material thermal reaction. At the same time, there is enough gas flow to blow away the slag.

The above content is the main method to improve the cutting quality of laser cutting machine. In fact, laser cutting machine still has a lot of unique use skills, which relate to the improvement of cutting quality. Here, we remind customers to pay attention to learning, keep abreast of the latest industry trends. And improve the performance of the machine.