Improve the cutting efficiency:Charry

Improve the cutting efficiency

Improve the cutting efficiency.

Improve the cutting efficiency

Compared to conventional cutting tools, metal laser cutting machines are more efficient and can cut metals more smoothly and accurately. However, how to greatly improve the working efficiency of the metal laser cutting machine? Discuss it with the laser cutter.

First, set the appropriate cutting procedure according to the process requirements of the product. In daily production and processing, we may cut patterns of different shapes and require different cutting techniques. Our operators need to set the appropriate cutting program according to different cutting techniques in order to get a good process in a short time.

Second, we must develop an excellent layout plan under the premise of quality assurance. When we get raw materials, we should first consider how to reduce the cutting path to avoid repeat cutting and improve cutting efficiency.

Third, at work, we should continue to learn more about metal laser cutting machines in order to solve some small problems when necessary. If the machine has a big problem, we should have our own opinion to help solve the problem.

Of course, the maintenance of metal laser cutting machines is also very important. Each machine has its own life and we should maintain it to extend service life.

The mechanical part of the metal laser cutting machine realizes high-precision rack and pinion transmission. The guide rail is high-precision special guide rail. The precision-process sliding guide rail fasten on the concrete or steel frame with support and equip with adjusting bolts. For installation and adjustment. The longitudinal drive system is mounted in the longitudinal end frame, and the low position design makes the drive more reasonable and stable.

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