How to use fiber laser marking machine when operate it in the first time -June

How to use the fiber laser marking machine when operate  it in the first time

How to use fiber laser marking machine ?for the person who are new to this machine, they will  think highly of the machine and also be afraid that he will  damage it.Please try to learn from Our XT laser , and get the operation procedure and  the ways to maintain the marking machine .

Fiber laser marking machine was regard a s a new generation of the processing field, it has been widely used in metal and part of non-metal m marking.

The core  advantage of fiber laser marking machine :

1.Marks can’t be wiped.longer life with high accuracy .

2.All fiber structure, guarantee the reliable of fiber laser source.

3.High transfer rate of electric -optical , can save the cost of running the machine.

3.High speed of marking ,can achieve customization according to  the customer’s requirement .

The steps of operate the fiber laser marking machine :

(1)Turn on the external power supply

(2)Press the button of computer power ,then can operate the computer.

(3).Start the main control power;clockwise switch key switch (LOCK),then the entire device can start .

(4).Turn on the emergency stop switch (EMERGENCY)clockwise , the machine can in normal operation.(if there have some abnormal condition occurs, press the emergency stop switch quickly and the system goes into power off. and if you turn on  the power again, please turn off the emergency stop button.

(5).Infrared ray ray indicator button (Red Indication), press the button START can be used to simulate the red light laser scanning, easy to determine the scope and location of laser marking. Under normal circumstances remain open.

(6).Galvanometer drive switch (S-SWITCH), switch to ON, galvanometer drive open, Scan Power Alarm indicator off.

(7)Press the power switch on the HAN-S LASER starter , so the fiber laser head in working this time, the power switch indicator lights is on.

Now you can turn on the computer monitor , enter the  S LASER MARKING SYSTEM on the desktop programmed .Any graphics or text  is suitable, pressing the marking  to observe the instrument and software is normal.

(8)Turn on the laser power box.Press the power switch to the ON state, then press the START button, the lamp is on, the instrument is normal, and the current is adjusted. Turn the CURRENT button to adjust the current to 12-14 A. (According to the characteristics of  machines, the greater the current, the marking depth are deeper.

(9)Place the same height of products, to focus on the laser head(to make continuous  marking of graphics or files). to adjust the height of arrow on the pole.

When the laser light in the most bright position and can listen the marking sound, it means the best focus.

(10)Prepare the  marking produce  after the efficient set .enter the operation of computer

Steps of Turn off the fiber laser marking  machine

(1)After the end of marking , save the files of marking files.exit the software.

Rotate the CURRENT button to adjust the current regulation of the power box to 0 A  ,press the stop key ,light the last turn off the power switch

(2)Turn off the HAN-S LASER ,make the laser head stop working , power indicator light off.

(3)Press the stop  button of Red indication.

(4)Turn off the main control power.turn the key switch (LOCK) counterclockwise, then turn off the computer and the main power switch .


If you still have puzzle in operate the  fiber laser marking machine , you may get the instruction book.

please pay attention to the maintain of the machine . the longer life of the machine is according to how you keep it.





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