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How to use fiber laser marking machine safely

The laser of fiber laser marking machine is a kind of invisible light. It can’t irradiate skin and eyes. During operation, we must pay attention to safety. According to operation criterion, we should mark laser products. When a fiber laser marking machine is working, failure is very dangerous. The novice professional personnel training before it can operate independently.

fiber laser marker machine 

How to use fiber laser marking machine safely?

1. The people who use the cardiac pacemaker do not close to the equipment. And the laser marking machine will produce the magnetic field, which affects the normal work of the pacemaker.
2. Do not look or touch the beam (whether using protective glasses or not). And glasses and other parts of the body do not touch the laser or diffuse laser from the equipment. Otherwise it will cause blindness or burn.
3. To keep the environment dry around the equipment, when the equipment is not working. And turn off the power supply and operate the equipment with one hand as much as possible.
4. During the normal operation of the laser, no parts and articles should be added inside the marking machine. The marking system should not use in the condition that open the seal.
5. Do not place a liquid container on the chassis and prohibit any water from approaching.
6. Machines are prohibited from stacking inflammable and explosive materials and sundries around the machine. And the flammable and explosive materials are not placed on the road or where the laser beam may be illuminated.
7. The dismantling, repair and renovation of equipment by non professional personnel shall be prohibited;
8. Non operating personnel shall not enter the marking work area;
9. Do not damage the power line and cable. Then smell the odor immediately shut off the power to stop running;
10. Once a machine fires or explode, it is necessary to cut off all power supplies and use carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguisher.
Fiber laser marking machine does not need any consumables such as ink and so on. So it is a clean, environmental protection and economic marking equipment, mainly by laser beam carving on the product surface, forming the marking process.


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