How to use a laser cutting machine?

Below I will briefly talk about the basic laser cutting machine operation tutorial steps:
1. Prepare the material to be cut and fix it on the workbench.

2. According to the material and thickness, call the corresponding parameters.

3. Select the corresponding lens and nozzle according to the cutting parameters, and check whether they are in good condition.

4. Adjust the cutting head to the proper focus.

5. Check and adjust the nozzle center.

6. Calibration of cutting head sensor.

7. Cutting gas check, input the command to turn on the auxiliary gas, and observe whether it can be ejected from the nozzle well.

8. Trial cutting of materials, check the section conditions, and adjust the process parameters until the production requirements are met.

9. Prepare the cutting program according to the drawings required by the workpiece and import it into the CNC.

10. Move the cutting head to the starting point of cutting, and press “Start” to execute the cutting program.

11. The operator shall not leave the machine tool during the cutting process. In case of emergency, press quickly: “Reset” or: “Emergency stop” to terminate the operation.

12. When cutting the first workpiece, pause the cutting to see if it meets the requirements.

13. Pay attention to checking the auxiliary gas flow when cutting, and replace it in time when the gas is insufficient.

We can also call laser cutting machine series equipment of laser engraving machine.


The above is almost to complete the operation of the entire cutting process. Although they are all very basic things, the problem often lies in such a trivial detail. I hope you will carefully check every aspect of your work in the course of future operations. Achieve safe production.