How to operate the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?-Vincy

How to operate the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?-Vincy

How to operate the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Today, fiber laser cutting machines are an indispensable processing equipment in the modern sheet metal industry. Today, Xintian Laser will introduce you to the specific operation process of the fiber laser cutting machine:


Determine the materials that need to be processed, fix the sheet metal material on the processing machine, and then determine the smoothness of the material placement, so as to avoid jitter during the cutting process, resulting in the accuracy of the cutting.


Operate the console, enter the product cut pattern, and cut the material thickness and other parameters. Then adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focus position, and then adjust the center point of the laser.


Start the regulator and the chiller, set the water temperature and water pressure of the chiller.


Start the laser and then turn on the machine.

Mastering how to debug accuracy is essential for operating a laser cutting machine. The specific methods are as follows:

1.When the spot of the focus laser is adjusted to the minimum, the initial effect is established by the spot shot.

As long as we look at the laser spot to the minimum, then this position is the best processing focal length, and then start processing.

2.In the front part of the laser cutting machine debugging. We can use some debugging paper, work piece scrap to point to determine the accuracy of the focal length position. Moving the position of the upper and lower laser head height. The laser spot size will have different size changes when shooting. Adjust the position multiple times to determine the focal length and the optimal position of the laser head.

3.After the fiber laser cutting machine is installed, it install a scribing device on the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine.

And the simulated figure is a square of 1 m.

Whether the length of the diagonal of the square. And the point where the central axis intersects the two sides of the square to the intersection of the two sides of the square The distance should be 0.5m.

4.By testing the distance between the diagonal and the intersection, it can judge the cutting accuracy of the device.


How to operate the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?Do you understand now?