how to mark color using Q-switched laser marking machine-ivy

how to mark color using Q-switched laser marking machine-ivy

Maybe many people have some confusion of how to mark color using Q-switched laser marking machine.
This letter is about the comparison of Mopa and fiber:

MOPA laser and Raycus or IPG laser are both 1064nm wavelength laser beam, so this deciding what kind of material it can engrave.

But there is still difference:

MOPA laser source is Pulse width (2ns-250ns) and Pulse frequency (1-1000HZ) , so MOPA laser is more flexible.

Raycus or IPG laser is Normal Q-Switched laser source, Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed.Pulse width 90-130 ns, repetition frequency 30-100 kHz.

MOPA laser also can mark black color on anodized aluminium,here is video: 

For Marking different color on stainless steel, Normal Q-Switched laser source can also mark color on SS, here is video: 

MOPA fiber laser machine can mark different color on stainless steel more easily than Normal Q-Switched laser source. 

So here sharing the fiber laser marking machine:

3D embossing laser engraving machine

Mini laser marking machine (XTL-FP20)


so Website:

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Main components

1.1 The European CE standard production

1.2 Marking area: 110*110mm 200*200mm 300*300mm (Optional)

1.3As for Laser type: Raycus 20w

1.4 Also we use Sino brand galvo head.

1.5 F-theta lens: Wavelength brand from Singapore.

1.6 Control system: Beijing JCZ control system, EZCAD software.

1.7 Supported Photoshop, Coral draw and format AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP etc.

1.8 Computer: Lenovo laptop

1.9 Working table: 2D (X-Y worktable).

After sales Service

1. our service is available to each customer. And if any technical questions or problems, our engineers will help you .and give you solutions on the phone. or by face-to-face communication online.

2.Two-year warranty is provided.

3.Also the Professional staff for installation and training if needed.

4.And the spare parts are supplying on time. or doing some inventory if promising certain sales volume.

5.Faster delivery, we will support our sole agent to do the stock if good sales. then more convenient and helpful.

6.If the sales are good, we will arrange some famous exhibition fairs in the local or surroundings. and give our full support to our agents at the fair. We will provide our sample machines, catalog, DVD, manuals, etc. All native customers belong to our local agent. which is our basic rule. And we promise the final delivery is the same as displayed