How to make the fiber laser marking machine lines more precise – Catherine

How to make the fiber laser marking machine lines more precise

Now when customers choose the fiber laser marking machine, they also want to mark more precise for the product. So we will show how to make the fiber laser marking machine lines more precise.

First, the adjustment of the line thickness of the laser marking machine must first consider the divergence angle of the laser beam.

This is the most fundamental reason from the optical principle. The divergence angle of the laser beam means that the beam is divergent and divergent. The angle is the size of the divergence. And the divergence angle is 0, which is our ultimate goal in the laser industry. But in fact we can only make the laser divergence angle infinitely close to 0. However, there is no way to achieve a divergence angle of 0, whether it is a CO2 laser marking machine or a semiconductor laser marking machine.

Secondly, it is necessary to consider the performance of the laser of the laser marking machine.

The laser with good spot pattern has a small divergence angle and a laser with a poor spot pattern. The divergence angle is large, which is why it is not used in the fiber laser marking machine. The reason for the beam expander is that the semiconductor laser marking machine used. Of course, the quality of the laser is very important when our customers choose laser marking machines.

For example, if the marking of the semiconductor laser marking machine is not fine. And there are several reasons: the focal length not adjust correctly. Then the semiconductor laser spot not adjust well. And the semiconductor laser has a problem (YAG stick has a problem. Or there is a problem with the full half mirror, the Q switch has a problem, etc.).

The laser chiller has a problem with the cooling effect, and the galvanometer has a problem (the anti-interference ability is reduced, etc.). If the fiber laser marking machine has such a problem, the laser light path changes. And the galvanometer has a problem, the laser energy changes, the marking focal length not adjust. Then the parameter setting in the marking software is improper, and the CO2 laser The marking line of the marking machine is clearly visible.


Third, the last factor to consider is the interaction of the laser beam with matter.

The same laser marking machine, for marking different materials, the line fineness is naturally different. In addition, the different laser energy used will also cause the difference in the fine effect of the marking lines.