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How to maintain the water chiller in cold weather

how to maintain the water chiller in cold weather
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How to maintain water chiller.

This passage we will talk about the details for maintsain water chiller in the winter.

When entering the winter, the water chiller pipe may be breezed because the ambient temperature is too low.

Then resulting in significant damage to the relevant core components.

Because the density of ice is less than the density of water, it will borke the water chiller and the inside of the cooled equipment.

Due to volume expansion, resulting in significant damage to the relevant core components.

We remind you to do the relevant prevention work.

Please refer to the following for details.

For air-cooled chillers, because of the water-cooling heat dissipation, there is no water cooling system for the water-cooling fiber laser cutter machine.

The air-cooling machine only needs the anti-freeze for the heat-dissipating part of the air-cooling unit.

So we should pay more attention to the lubricating oil of the fan if it is continuously running.

There is no need to worry about the antifreeze of the lubricating oil.

If  u use the chiller intermittently or not use for a long time, you should pay attention to antifreeze.

If u do not use it for a long time, u should clean the air-cooled fiber laser cutter and coate with protective oil.

Peole should keep waterproof to prevent frostbite in the air-cooled machine because of cold weather in winter.

If we use it intermittently, we should scrap off the fan oil when the production is stopped.

And then applying an appropriate amount of lubricant when using.

In the case of normal operation of the air-cooled chiller, we must assure the sufficient water flow and water pressure.

And then we could avoid the problem tof frozen cooling water.

Unlike the air-cooled chillers, the cooling and cooling components of water-cooled chillers are water circulation systems rather than fan systems.

So the antifreeze task is more difficult, even during normal operation.

Tips for avoiding freeze of water chiller on fiber laser cutter

1. The recommended method for preventing icing is to keep the water chiller. And the equipment at a temperature above 0 °C.

2. If the temperature does not reach above 0 °C, keep the cooled equipment and the water chiller turn on.

If the water in the pipe is always flowing, it can prevent icing.

Of course, in this case, if the water chiller is shut down for a long time due to a malfunction or a power outage. There is also a certain risk of icing.

3. During the Spring Festival and other holidays, if the above two points are not available, jepp the water in the water cooler tank, piping and internal water parts drain as much as possible.

4. If the above methods are not possible. For the water chiller, you can add the antifreeze  3:7 (3 is antifreeze, 7 is water).

After adding antifreeze, it can resist -20 °C without freezing.