How to maintain the laser source-Ariel

How to maintain the laser source

This article is about how to maintain the laser source.

The laser cutting machine belongs to the high-power heavy industry equipment. Its good play promotes the enterprise efficiency upgrade. And the follow-up work more smoothly. Also reduces the cost.Therefore, attention should be paid to the operation. And the maintenance should be paid to increase the service life of the equipment. And it can effectively reduce the impact of the environment on the components. So that they can run for a long time with high efficiency and no fault.

Laser source is one of the laser cutting machine core accessories. So its importance is self-evident. we need to make more detailed maintenance plan for it, every day, weekly, monthly  to get a long lifespan.

Firstly, daily maintenance of laser source

1) Please carefully check the pressure of laser working gas and cutting auxiliary gas before starting up every day. If the gas pressure is not enough, it should be replaced in time.

2)Check that the cooling water pressure is maintained between 3.5-5 Bar.

3) check the temperature of cooling water, preferably the temperature of water required by the selected laser.







4)Check the oil level inside the laser vacuum pump. If it is not enough, add it.

Secondly, weekly maintenance of laser source

1) Check whether there is oil and water in the gas mixing unit of the laser, and clean up in time.Check the laser gas drying filter, if the color is more than 1/4 red or white, it needs to be replaced. And its normal color is blue.

2)Check the chiller filter for impurities.

3)Check the laser cooling water loop for impurities.

Thirdly, half year maintenance of laser source

1)Check whether there is corrosion in cooling water pipeline of laser head. If there is, it should be treated or replaced in time.

2)Check the fuel tank for oil leakage.

3)Check the high voltage cable for damage.

4)Inspect and clean the inside of the laser resonator and all lenses.

In routine maintenance as well as to do laser to maintenance of machine tools, air cooler and so on. If in the use of the machine process found any damage of the parts and components must be replaced in time, in order to fundamentally ensure the normal production of machine, is a protection for the machine itself, can also ensure the laser cutting machine always maintain an ideal cutting effect.

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Ariel Liu