How to maintain the metal fiber laser cutting machine+Karina

                                                    How to maintain the metal fiber laser cutting machine

1. Then,metal fiber laser marking machine check the steel belt frequently to ensure tightness. Otherwise, there is a problem in the operation. This can hurt people and can lead to death. The steel strip looks like a small thing, and the problem is still a bit serious,metal fiber laser cutting machine become more and more popular.

2. Then,check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the metal fiber laser cutting machine every six months. Do not do this. It is possible that the rejection effect is not good, the error will increase, and the cutting quality will affect. This is the most important thing.

3.Then,the weekly vacuum cleaner sucks out dust and dirt from the metal fiber laser cutting machine, and all electrical cabinets should  close to prevent dust.

4.Guide rails should keep clean regularly. Do not include dust and other debris to ensure that the equipment on the normal shelf  regularly wipe. Add lubricant. Make sure there is no debris in the lubrication. The rails should be cleaned frequently and oil injected. Also, the motor should be cleaned regularly. On the lubricating oil, the metal fiber laser cutting machine on the road can walk better, the cutting is more precise, and the quality of the cut product will be improved.

5. Double focus laser cutting head is the wearing part of metal fiber laser cutting machine. Long-term use, resulting in damage to the laser cutting head.

6. First, metal fiber laser cutting machine require regular inspection and maintenance. If there is deformation or other form, then you should know that the laser cutting head has bit damage and needs to replace. Secondly, no replacement will affect the quality of cutting and increase costs. Some products may need to process twice to reduce production efficiency.

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