How To Ensure Powerful 12kw Laser Cutting?-Ivy

How To Ensure Powerful 12kw Laser Cutting?

Hi,this unique design of industrial high Power laser Machine. Which mtach with smart CNC control system. And high-power protective and anti-burning system,pictures sharing with you as follow:

Most important is the Laser source:

As you know,The IPG laser YLS-CUT series are specifically born for metal cutting applications. Advantages as follow:

First,The photoelectric conversion rate more than 40%.

Second,Free Maintenance through the lifetime.

Third,Hot redundancy protection, quick start without any problem.

And,Compact design, Powerful cutting ability.

Then,New fiber optic module design, super reliability, stable performance always.

Also,The digital power module developed by IPG provides extremely high efficiency.

Besides,environments protection.

And, faster and cleaner for piercing.

Finally,Faster piercing in the thicker material to increase the production speed.

And another one is Cutting head

As a leading company of the laser cutting. The Precitec bring various of solution for advance laser cutting.

And the fiber laser cutting head ProCutter famous as the best options for powerful laser cutting up to 12kw.

Because it has unique water cooling system. And gas flow design, and intelligent sensor monitoring the cutting process. All to ensure it work with high power fiber laser.

So Reliable laser cutting head to guarantee cutting quality the productivity.

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