How to control the accuracy of metal laser cutter-Flora

How to control accuracy of metal laser cutting machine

How to control the accuracy of metal laser cutting machine-Flora
How to control the accuracy of metal laser cutting machine-Flora

How to control accuracy of metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine is realized by applying high power density energy generated after laser focusing. It adopts a precision ball screw transmission mechanism and optimizes the control of the numerical control system, which can meet the processing of precision parts, and has stable dynamic performance and can continue to work for a long time. Therefore, it has attracted much attention in metal cutting. The cutting accuracy of metal can affect the cutting process. How should the accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine be controlled during use?
1. Compared with the traditional cutting method, the energy consumption is lower. The laser melting cutting does not need to vaporize the metal completely, and the energy required is only 1/10 of the vaporized cutting.
2. The heat of vaporization of laser vaporization cutting materials is generally very large, so a large power and power density are required for laser vaporization and cutting.
3. The laser oxygen cutting reaction generates a lot of heat, so the energy required for laser oxygen cutting is only 1/2 of the melting cutting, and the cutting speed is much faster than laser vaporization cutting and melting cutting.
4. Laser scribing and controlled fracture. Laser scribing uses high-energy-density lasers to scan the surface of brittle materials, so that the material is heated to evaporate a small groove, and then a certain pressure is applied, and the brittle material will follow the small groove. split.
Controlled fracture is the use of the steep temperature distribution generated when the laser groove is carved, which generates local thermal stress in the brittle material and causes the material to break along the small groove.
Compared with traditional plate processing methods, laser cutting has high cutting quality (narrow cut width, small heat-affected zone, smooth cut), high cutting speed, high flexibility (can cut any shape at will), and a wide range of materials Adaptability and other advantages.

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