How to choose the suitable laser cutting machine?


Before you make decision, you need focus on below factors:

1.Machine bed

there are many models of machine lathe in current market. it is very difficult to say which one is the best.

but weight and whole structure are the main factors to consider.

normally the higher weight usually offers more stability when do cutting.

but the best way is know well of  to  check machine performance by yourself.








2. laser source.

there are 3 popular brands in market: IPG, nlight and Raycus.

IPG is the Germany brand. high quality and high price, most famous in the world.

nLIGHT brand is America brand. it focus on cutting high-reflection materials. like silver, brass etc.

price is a little lower than IPG.

Raycus is from China brand. it is becoming more and more popular because of its cost-effective.








3. laser cutting head

there are 3 popular laser head for the lower and mid power machine, respectively are China Preste, Swiss Raytools,

and America lasermech.

price: lasermech>raytools>preste

quality: lasermech>raytools>preste

Among them, Raytools brand is the most popular with customers.

However, for higher power(more than 2kw), Germany Precitec is the best choice.














More details will be updated soon.

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