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How to choose the power of the marking machine?

The differences between low and high power: Power affects the speed and depth of marking.

  1. The greater the power, the higher the marking speed.
  2. About the depth:

20W is only apply to surface marking. Considering your mark dimensions is about 300*300, Need longer focal length. The 20w can not satisfied your needs.

30W could do some deep carving with a small mark marking scope. It also not really recommended to you.

50W/60W could some deep carving work. Such power could also cutting the silver or gold about 0.7mm

100W Suitable for some cutting work, gold and silver (about 1-1.2mm)

3.Choose high power, the service life of the machine will be longer.

Q-switching or MOPA?

If you want to make colors on stainless steel, it will need MOPA fiber marking machine.

Color on stainless steel, Is the most significant advantage of mopa.

It also has advantages:

  1. Marking on a thin aluminum plate has no deformation;
  2.  Shading fine and smooth;
  3. Marking plastic or sheet without handle feeling;
  4. Marking surface does not turn yellowish.

Q-switchingwe mainly used the laser source brand named Reycus, the best brand laser source in China, with strong stability. Elector-optical conversion rate up to 30%, most other brands are only 20%.

MOPA we using the laser source brand named JPT, is also a brand from China. Focus on making MOPA lasers source, the world leading of MOPA in technology.

As compared to the Q-switching technology, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently in MOPA configuration.

In one word, the Q-switching parameters are not adjustable, on the contrary, the MOPA parameters are adjustable. So MOPA can achieve make color on stainless steel.

Hope this article would be helpful for you to choose the right marking machine.

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