How to choose the cnc carbon steel laser cutter machine – Jennifer

For the cnc carbon steel laser cutter machine. Many customer want to know the tips for choosing this. So we are going to share some points choosing this sheet metal laser cutter.

Voltage confirmation in the cnc carbon steel laser cutter machine

For overseas customers, the voltage is an important part to confirm. If we ignore this point, then it will be inconvenient for customer daily using. Currently, per we know different country has different voltage amounts. For example, Russia & Belarus voltage is 380V 50hz in industrial voltage. US voltage is from 208V to 480V. South America area, such as Colombia voltage is 220V . So it is indispensable part to confirm in choosing the cnc carbon steel laser cutter machine.

What will caused if we ignore the voltage problem? If we ignore it, then when customer use the machine directly, when they received it, then it will burn the machine & laser source & the whole device directly. So it will be disaster for customer & end user. But if clients know the voltage problem, so it will help a lot. Customer can prepare for the voltage transformer in advance. Or let our supplier offer the voltage transformer in advance.


Voltage Frequency Confirmation  in the cnc carbon steel laser cutter machine

As we know the voltage frequency has two type, one is 50hz, the other is 60hz. The voltage will affects the water chiller & exhaust fan. For example, our machine supports 380V 50Hz/60Hz. It must be assistant with the same frequency. If the local voltage frequency is 50Hz, then the machine has to be use the 50Hz. The voltage and exhaust fan must use the 50Hz. If with the different frequency, then it will hurt the laser source & whole machine. Every suppliers should respect the machine, then be responsible for the whole machine. It is basic principle in the international business.

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