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How to choose fibre laser tube cutting machine?

How to choose a pipe laser cutting machine fiber laser cutter. There are three advantages of the pipe laser cutting machine.


How can a laser pipe cutter be flexible? It depends on what you want to cut. It can work on a stainless steel pipe. And the laser can perfectly cut in any direction. The shape of processing can  quickly change with computer programming.



Comparing with traditional processing equipment, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, laser cutting metal sheet is much more accurate, the cutting is smooth and clean, no burrs, and the material loss is very small.


When processing different materials , there will be some small telescopic deformation during the process. And the laser tube cutter can  adjust flexibly.

III.High efficiency 

High cutting efficiency enables mass production. All operations of laser cutting can be unified into the same unit , greatly reducing logistics time. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. The traditional processing method requires very bulky clamping,


but the laser processing can easily complete the positioning of several meters of pipe clamping, which makes batch processing possible.

So, what  customers should pay attention to when choosing the pipe laser cutting machine?

I.Customer demand 

If  customers cut the pipe diameter from 25-150mm, the thickness is from 2.0-4.0mm, and then the cutting length is also long or short, he wants  a cutting machine. Before the emergence of automated cutting equipment, customers generally choose semi-automatic pipe cutting machine,


because when the cutting length exceeds 1.5 meters, the traditional automatic pipe cutting machine needs to feed multiple times, so there is no efficiency advantage.

II.Manufactures of pipe laser cutter 


Brand is the life of the company. Different brands of products have different technologies and qualities. Once the quality problems occur, it not only affects the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, but also reduces the service life of the fiber laser cutting machine.


When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, we must first pay attention to the screening of the brand. Because there are many types in the market, the quality of the enterprises are completely different.

The brands we want to choose must  have the production qualification and the quality of the products must be guaranteed. What’s more, the manufacturer of pipe laser cutting machine must be professional.How to choose fibre laser tube cutting machine

2.Core components

If you decide to purchase a pipe laser cutting machine, there are also many details to be aware of during the purchase process.

For fiber laser cutting machines, laser generators, transmission components, and optical components are the most critical factors related to the quality of fiber laser cutting machines.

There are two types of laser generators, imported and domestic.

The import price is relatively high, but the stability is good. While the domestic laser generator price is low, the technology is relatively mature;

the transmission parts have screw, guide rail and rack and pinion, screw, The accuracy of the guide rail is high and the bearing capacity of the rack and pinion is large.


Therefore, we suggests that, the small power fiber laser cutting machine should be better . When purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, it must be noted that the product configuration is the same as that on the equipment. If it is “hanging sheep head selling dog meat”,

which will greatly affect the overall life of the fiber laser cutting machine.How to choose fibre laser tube cutting machine

3.After-sales services

The pipe fiber laser cutting machine is a durable product, and its normal service life is 12-15 years.

If the warranty period not long enough, the maintenance problem after the warranty period will become a big problem that plagues the user. In order to provide users with strong after-sales guarantee, fiber laser cutting machine has a two-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.


Therefore, users buy some big brands with better reputation and longer warranty.How to choose fibre laser tube cutting machine