How to Avoid Bad Cutting Quality-Yan

  1. Cutting Parameters:

Wrong cutting conditions may affect the cutting quality. The commonly-adjusted parameters are velocity, power, frequency, bandwidth, cutting focus point, nozzle height and gas pressure.
Any one of these parameters will affect the cutting quality. Please adjust them according to the cutting parameter table provided by the manufacturer. If the cutting quality is still bad, please check other factors.

  1. Protective Len:

It contaminated protective Lens. During the cutting, debris resulted from cutting or puncturing may get into the nozzle and contaminate the protective lens. If the lens is too much contamination,It will decrease the laser energy and it will affecte the cutting quality. if this happens, the protective lens needs to be taken out of the machine for cleaning and wiping.If the cutting quality is still bad after cleaning, it is highly possible that the lens is damaged and we need to replaced it.

  1. Cutting Gas:

Cutting pressure, especially nitrogen, may be consumed too much and therefore the remaining amount is inadequate to provide enough pressure. This will affect debris expelling, resulting in bad cutting quality.If this happens, users can check if the pressure is enough for cutting from the human-machine interface. Do not adjust the cutting parameters without checking first.The purity of the auxiliary gases for cutting needs to be over 99.997%. If the purity of oxygen is not high enough, the combustion-supporting may be affected. If the purity of nitrogen is not high enough, the cutting surface may be too yellowish or blackish.

  1. Nozzle Gaplaser 

The distance between the nozzle and the sheet may affect the location of cutting focus. If the cutting quality is bad, height correction can be conducted first.

  1. Overheated Sheet:

If we arranged the sheets in a very dense way, they may be overheated. So this generally happens on the carbon steel above 6mm in thickness. If the temperature is too high, cool the material first and then conduct the processing again.

  1. Nozzle Diameter:

The nozzle diameter may have a great effect on the cutting.Therefore, if the cutting quality is bad, users may check if the nozzle diameter is wrong.

  1. Cooling Water:

Cooling water is for the heat dissipation of the laser oscillator and fiber caber. If the effect of heat dissipation is getting worse, it may cause the lens dilated to shift the cutting focus. This may cause the condition that the first half of the processing is good and the second half is bad.

  1. Cut In Lines:

The guidance cutting lines should be long enough. Generally, their length should be as same as the thickness of the material.If the length of guidance cutting lines is too short, during the nitrogen cutting, the cutting may not be through after a turn and the debris may contaminate the surface of the material.If this happens in the oxygen cutting, the cut lines after a turn may become tore.

  1. Serious Rusting of Material:

If the material is rusted, the rust may affect the absorption of laser energy.

  1. Power Quality:

Because of the excellent power transformation rate, fiber laser needs good power quality to maintain stability. It is suggested to equip the machine with the voltage stabilizer to improve the voltage fluctuation or the laser power may become unstable because of the voltage fluctuation.


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