How to adjust the fiber laser marking machine light path – Catherine

How to adjust the fiber laser marking machine light path

It is well known that a laser marking machine uses a high energy density laser to locally illuminate a workpiece, causing a chemical reaction of vaporization or color change of the surface material. Thereby leaving a permanent mark. Then, when there is a problem with the optical path of the laser marking machine, how to adjust the fiber laser marking machine light path? The following small series of fiber laser marking machine manufacturers XT LASER tell you:

1. Turn on the red light supply first and remove the Q switch.

After adjustment, the lens, the module and the front lens make the reverse point and the red light point at the same point.

2. Turn on the chiller and laser power.

Place the doubling sheet between the front and back mirrors and the beam expander. Adjust the laser power supply to about 10A, observe that there is no green light upstream of the multiplier. Gently adjust the front mirror bracket until green light appears. Gradually reduce the output current of the laser power supply until 8A, continue to carefully adjust the front and rear mirror frame. The four knobs on the top make the spot diameter the brightest.

3. Place the multiplier film under the focal length lens and adjust the beam expander bracket to make the diameter of the spot become the brightest and roundest.


 4. Install the Q switch and place the multiplier between the front lens and the beam expander.

Check whether the Q switch lock light is normal or not through the switch Q drive. Adjust the Q position when there is light leakage. Then increase the laser power supply current to observe whether there is light leakage until it is completely leak-free.

The above is the process of adjusting the optical path of the laser marking machine. Do you know? During the adjustment process, be careful not to adjust a knob too large or too fast, otherwise it is easy to have no laser. Moreover, the biggest advantage of laser marking machine compared with traditional technology is high precision, fast processing speed, low cost, etc.