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Advantage and service life of laser marker machine

Laser marker machine is used more and more widely. Today introduce the advantage of laser marker machine for you. Also many customers must be interested in the service life. So today also introduce the service life briefly.



First, Ultra-low power consumption. It will take about one kilowatt-hour in two hours;

Second, The service life is 100,000 hours. No consumables and maintenance-free;

Third, Very small floor area, generally less than 1 square meter;

Fourth, The operation is very simple;

Fifth, The marking effect of fiber laser marking machine is permanent without falling off;

Sixth, Beautiful and generous marking effect.



The service life of fiber laser marker machine is 100,000 hours. If machine continues working for 24 hours a day, it will take 11 years. According to customer feedback, most fiber laser marker machines have been used for 5 years. And they are currently running well.



Developing good operating habits and regular inspection and maintenance of the machine will help.

First,  Cut off the power supply of the marking machine and the computer when the machine is not working.

Second, Cover the lens cover to prevent dust from polluting the lens when the machine is not working.

Third, Don’t inspect and maintain when machine is working. At the same time, don’t let non-professional person inspect and maintain.

Fourth, Any failure of this machine should immediately cut off the power supply.

Fifth, The dust will be adsorbed on the focusing lens after long using. So it will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect. More serious it may cause the optical lens to absorb heat and overheat and burst. As a result, when the marking effect is not good, check carefully whether the surface of the focusing lens is contaminated.


At last, one more video as belowed is shared to you to know XTLASER MARKER MACHINE well.

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