How about Raycus and IPG laser source?–Amy XTLASER

How about Raycus and IPG laser source?–Amy XTLASER


1.What is laser source?

Laser is a device, it uses the excited radiation principle ofto amplify or oscillate the light, in some excited material.  to cut、mark、clean、or weld.

Now, there are 2 welcomed laser source brand :IPG、Raycus in Chinese laser manufacturer. Then what’s the diffrence, and how to choose ?

2.IPG Laser Source

IPG PHOTONICS CORPORATION, founded in 1990, is the world’s largest optical fiber laser manufacturer. Head quartered in Massachusetts, IPG has a leading optical fiber laser r&d center in Germany, the United States, Russia and Italy.  Sales and service offices are located in China, The United Kingdom, India, Japan, South Korea, and its high efficiency fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and Raman laser technology are leading the world

3.Raycus Laser Source

Wuhan Rayko Fiber Laser Technology Co., LTD. The company is a national torch Plan key high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of fiber laser and its key devices and materials. It has a national key field innovation team of high power fiber laser and a national and local joint engineering research center of fiber laser technology.  It is an influential global fiber laser,production and service provider with vertical integration capabilities from materials, devices to complete machines.  



IPG:Germany brand,  high quality well know all over the world. The high photoelectric conversion is 45%, also with slow light dely.  can used to cut high inversion materials,such as aluminum, brass. But  high price.

Raycus:China best brand,high quality, high photoelectric conversion,enough for cutting,and the advance is cost-effective.Most customer choose it and said the quality is good. to choose?

laser source is not the only important part , or buying a laser also need to consider ,about the cutting head ,motor ,reducer and so on.

We are XTLASER, a manufacturer over 17 years history in China, and we have our own cutting、marking、weldingandcleaning factory .welcome to contact us with more details.



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