High speed Dynamic Focusing Fiber laser marking machine-Tulsa

High speed Dynamic Focusing Fiber laser marking machine

According to our experience and market development, client demand is more and more.

For example, many clients not just need marking , they need to make.

So we are always try our best to build new technology and do new machine to suit.

And now we have new machine about LGP making, let us shared our high speed Dynamic focusing fiber laser marking machine.

So XT-Laser Industrial grade Dynamic Focusing laser dot marking machine system is of stable performance,free maintenance.

And suitable for large scale,multispecies,large size material high speed continuous production industrial processing site.

1 The features of fiber equipment

XT-Laser provide whole process program of research ,production,sales,training and after sales of   Industrial grade.
Compatible with various commonly used Auto-focus design software, and optimize and deal with various
Professional network generated software,various network generated automatically.

The dot size and space between dots gradient gradually.

Dot,bitmap,lineation,engrave,cut complete at a time.


2 parameters automatically.

Machine can support multiple into smooth surface and a variety of light way.

And it also can support layout of non-standard material.

3 High speed

XT LASER use exclusive digital scanning technology,anti-interference.

So  with functions of temperature drift compensation,realizing continuous production,300x300mm guide plate laser dot only takes 15 seconds.

No4 Use

The light guide plate ultra-thin light box is a kind of “energy-saving, ultra-thin, convenient.

And safe” light box, with the characteristics of ultra-thin and super bright.

Besides include uniform light guide, energy saving and environmental protection.

The principle of spectrum analysis is combined with pulse laser engraving or digital printing technology

And it is produced under constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free environment conditions.

Then it has ultra-thin and super bright, uniform light guide, energy-saving

And environmental protection, no dark areas, and easy installation and maintenance.

No.5 Details

Besides the light guide plate design principle stems from Note Book’s liquid crystal display.

So it uses a transparent acrylic plate to absorb the light emitted from the lamp and stay on the acrylic surface.

So various shapes are formed on the bottom surface of the light guide plate by laser engraving or digital printing technology.

The diffusion point, the process of distributing the light evenly over the whole board.

So it is a high-tech product that turns the line light source into a surface light source.