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High-power laser cutting machine is a new trend of development

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In recent years, high-power laser cutting machine has become an ideal solution for the sheet metal cutting industry due to its high efficiency, high energy density, non-contact processing and flexibility, as well as its advantages in accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Observing the entire development process of metal laser cutting machines, it is not difficult to find that metal laser cutting machines of several hundred watts have rapidly developed to more than tens of high-power laser cutting machine. Then, the question is coming. How did this trend occur?

Actually, the answer is very simple, it is the reason why the market has demand. In the past, the power of the metal laser cutting machine was not high. And it was difficult to cut high-thickness metal, and the effect of the processed material was not ideal. In the face of this situation, all manufacturers can do is to continue research and development, continuous upgrades, and finally launched tens of thousands of watts of products to meet market demand. So, what are the difficulties when cutting thick metal materials with low-power machines?

When the cutting machine uses low power to cut thick plates, the laser beam will be small and the slit will be thin, which will cause the cutting and slag discharge to be unsmooth. Cutting thick plates that do not match the power requires the laser beam of the equipment to have better performance.

Metal laser cutting machine processing, although the laser processing mode is adopted, it is also a thermal processing method. When the material is thick and the equipment is processing, the heat loss will increase due to the small slits. The greater the heat loss, the more unfavorable the equipment to process metal materials. And the cutting speed will obviously become slower.

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