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12kw high-power laser cutter cut bright carbon steel

High power laser cutter cutting carbon steel occupies a very important position in metal processing. Especially through the use of high-power laser cutter cutting, burr-free cutting, bright surface cutting. And other leading technology, we can get a high-quality precision cutting workpieces.


As the thickness of the sheet increases, it is necessary to achieve bright surface cutting. Not only with the support of high-power lasers but also with advanced cutting technology for parameter adjustment. So including nozzle selection and focus position will affect the cutting effect.


The characteristics of carbon steel cutting by 12kw laser:

Because The carbon steel plate is cut with oxygen and positive focus method. Thus the thicker the carbon steel, the larger the positive focus. And the larger the spot on the surface of the material, and the larger the nozzle size is required. (Φ1.0-2.0mm)


The effect of focus on carbon steel cutting:

Within a certain focus range, the larger the positive focus, the smoother and brighter the carbon steel cutting surface.


The effect of nozzles on carbon steel cutting:

The same focal point, the smaller the nozzle size. The smoother and brighter the carbon steel cutting surface, the smaller the taper.


How to choose the right nozzle and focus:

If you want to achieve stable processing, you must choose to ensure that the nozzle temperature does not get hot and does not continue to rise. Therefore, according to different carbon steel thicknesses, you need to choose a suitable nozzle and focus position.

Tips for cutting carbon steel thick plates with 10kw+ laser:

1.  Firstly With full power and small nozzle cutting, it can cut smooth and small taper products;

2.  Then the biggest problem of 10kw+ laser cutting carbon steel thick plates is that the nozzle is hot, so the light spot must be strictly adjusted to the nozzle center output;

3.  And ensure that the nozzle is not hot. The smaller the nozzle size, the larger the positive focus and the smoother the cut surface.