Handheld fiber welding machine——Pascal

Handheld fiber welding machine

Model: 200W 400W 600W
Laser parameters
Laser type: YAG
Wavelength: 1064nm

Output power: 200W 400W 500W
Maximum single pulse energy: 70J 90J 110J
Pulse width: 0.1~20ms
Repetition frequency: 1~35HZ 1~100HZ
Single pulse width: 0.1~20ms
Fiber length: 5m/10m/15m/20m
Fiber core diameter: 0.4~0.6 optional
Machine parameters

Power consumption of the whole machine: 6kw 12kw 16kw
Power demand distance: AC220±10% /50HZ AC380±5%; 50HZ
Cooling method: water cooling
Machine weight: 350kg 450kg
External light size of the whole machine: 1320*660*1100


  • Firstly,The energy distribution of the handheld fiber welding machine is uniform, and it has the best spot required for welding characteristics..
  • Secondly,At the same time, it is small in size and occupies a small space, so it is more convenient for some manual workshops.
  • Thirdly,Especially when it is used to weld small components, it can be easily controlled and the operation is simple.

Product advantages

  • Firstly,This machine has high production efficiency and fast welding speed. It can realize automatic mass production and tailor-made integrated flow.
  • Secondly,It can not only weld any trajectory on the plane such as welding point, straight line, square, etc., but also suitable for various complex welds.
  • Thirdly,The handheld head is equipped with imported optical fiber, which is flexible and convenient, and can realize outdoor welding.
  • Fourthly,The operation mode of the hand-held welding gun can weld any part of the workpiece at any angle, and the energy distribution is even.

Application fields of handheld fiber welding machine

It can be welded materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, aluminum alloy.

Widely used areas such as:
Precision parts such as laptop shells, hardware components, kitchenware and bathroom, military manufacturing, instrumentation, motors, IT mobile phone components, auto parts, medical equipment, etc.

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