Handheld fiber Laser welding machine-Nancy

Handheld fiber laser welding machine-Nancy

Handheld fiber laser welding machine-Nancy

Now more and more customers choose handheld fiber laser welding machine, in order to replace traditional welding machine, like YAG, MIG, Argon welding etc.

So here the advantages of handheld fiber laser welding machine compared with traditional welding machine share with you.

Firstly of all, laser welding is a kind of high-energy beam welding, it uses special welding equipment for welding.

This technology uses a laser beam as a heat source for welding.

Machine operation videos:https://youtu.be/YcinO5YpCVY


Handheld fiber laser welding machine-Nancy

Handheld fiber laser welding machine advantages:

First: Fast speed, large depth and small deformation.

After the laser beam focused, the precise energy control can obtain a small spot welding and precise positioning.

It can be used to weld some precision devices.

Second: Welding is flexible and non-contact long-distance welding can use to weld difficult-to-access parts.

It usually use for materials or areas that are more difficult to weld.

Third: It can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, iron etc and the related application industries are wide.

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From a professional point of view:

The advantage of a laser welding machine lies in its fast welding speed and a small heat-affected zone.

And it can realize non-contact welding, that is, under the action of any external force generated by the army weldment.

It can be welded for the parts that need to be welded.

This is the difference between it and the traditional welding method.

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Not only that, the welding method of laser welding is relatively stable, it can ensure the beauty of the weld and the inherent welding quality.

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