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Handheld fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding uses a high energy density laser beam as a heat source for efficient precision welding. However, laser welding requires high precision for workpiece pre-machining. So the position of the beam on the workpiece cannot not deviate significantly. If the assembly accuracy or beam positioning accuracy of the workpiece does not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause welding defects. This limits the process capability of laser welding to a certain extent. Because the spot size is small and the weld is narrow after laser focusing.
In response to the limitations of the above laser welding technology, the market has gradually introduced a laser welding method with double wedge laser vibration.  There’s a special wobble vibration module on the welding head. The application of wobble welding technology can make laser welding more widely used. And it can achieve high-efficiency laser precision welding for larger or wider welds workpieces.

Laser Welding Technology

In conventional laser vibration welding, the collimated beam is vibrated by a uniaxial galvanometer. And the spot focused by the focusing mirror is moved with the welding head to move relative to the workpiece. Thus forms a weld having a certain amplitude, frequency and offset.
Compared to the first two vibration welding modes, the double wedge mirror rotational vibration welding produces a spiral weld seam by the vibration module mounted between the collimating mirror and the focusing mirror, so that the focusing spot moves while the welding head moves. When the focal length is the same, the larger the torsion angle, the larger the vibration amplitude. When the torsion angle is the same, the larger the focal length, the larger the vibration amplitude. Therefore, double wedge vibration welding allows the weld joint to be wider while achieving better weld formability.
Advantages of hand-held laser welding over traditional welding and laser welding?
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