Guns fiber laser engraving system-Ivy

This is a trend in the field of firearms marking.

Nowadays, gun owners still want to have works with artistic talent. The sculptor is turning to the laser engraving system for special work. The optical Guns fiber laser engraving system improves the capability of the gun industry.

Fiber laser engraving can use for customize guns. It has become a big business in the retail market. In particular, government regulations on firearms. The gun industry has found that laser engraving technology is a good solution for gun engraving.

This information can mark on the frame, receiver, barrel or sliding device of a gun. Engraving the lower receiver is usually the best reason to choose, and no re-engraving is require.

The textures, depth and shadows from black to white are all right. The software allows users to import images from many different graphics. And CAD file type. Then the image region is divide into regions. Then, texture, depth, or shadows can apply to each area, as simple as “shading in a shader book”.

Laser engraving is an ideal tool for many different materials, including. Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, iron, brass, rare metals. And composite materials. Images can marking before or after customized coatings.