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gun engraving machine

gun engarving machine.We have many customers from usa and Swiss from firearm industry.They use our fiber laser gun engraving machine now to engrave on their products.And thety also make custom-made service to increase value.Nowadays,fiber laser gun engraving machine is more and more popular in the gun manufacture market.We would like to share more info for gun engraving machine here.

Usually,gun manufacture will do deep engravin on meal.Such as steel,aluminum.sometimes need to engrave on non-metal.

For Fiber laser marking machine , it can mark on all metal, and some plastic like PVC, ABS,PP,etc, and some leather,  some stone.But  frankly speaking, it can not do deep engraving on plastics.

1.Machine watt

customers always choose 30w  or 50 to do this work.

50w is more faster and durable than 30w .When you have large quantity workpiece to do laser marking, 50w is better to keep
long time higher average power energy to do laser marking,especially when you do deep engraving.

2.Laser source

For the laser  source,There two brands of laser source , which are more popular in market.We suggest the Raycus.

Here is the difference between IPG and Raycus.

—IPG is Germany brand, very famous fiber laser source in market, and it’s original imported, so price is a little higher than Raycus.
—Raycus brand made in China, the best chinese laser brand, quality also stability.
We think Raycus is more cost-effective than IPG brand.
But some customers very like and trust “Germany Brand”, so IPG is optional.
The only obvious advantage of IPG is it is more durable than Raycus. For example, if using frequency is same, IPG can be durable for more than 8 years, Raycus can be 7 years.

3.Laser head

Century Sunny or Sino? We suggest Sino.

Both of Century Sunny and Sino is with good quality.Century Sunny galvo scanner has better performance when marking, but price is expensive, about $1000 cost more than Sino brand.Considering the cost-effective, most customers choose Sino brand.



As for lens,110*110mm is the best choice.150*150mm marking speed is lower than 110mm.We suggest  the 110*110mm which helps to focus better.

5.Rotary Axis

Our rotary axis is:50mm,80mm,100mm

Most of customers from firearms industry would like to choose the 80mm rotary axis device.

Here is the photo of rotary 80mm

6.Focus length and height difference

110*110mm lens focus length distance is 195mm.The lifting pillar height is 500mm.

So the allowed height difference on the work piece is 305mm.

7.Video and Sampels

Some videos FYI:

Gun engraivng samples FYI

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