fiber laser marking machine for gold silver cut-Doris

fiber laser marking machine for gold silver cut

Gold silver cut–Fiber laser marking machine, with laser power of 30w and 50w, widely used in jewelry filed, not only engraving, but also for gold silver cut.

Mini model is the most hot selling one in market:

gold silver cut laser machine
gold silver cut laser machine

Gold silver cut-thickness

For 30w fiber laser marking machine, usually can cut gold maximum thickness about 0.9mm, and silver about 0.7mm.

For 50w fiber laser marking machine, usually can cut gold maximum thickness about 1.6mm, and silver about 1.2mm.

gold silver laser cutting
gold silver laser cutting

Parameters setting:

For gold silver cut, we need set laser power high, like 90% or 95%, for speed,  usually set 200-300.

Video show:

Below a video more learning:

Before mostly are manual engraving and cutting, now more and more turn to fiber laser marking machine,

good cutting result, high working efficiency, save material.

We have rich experience in jewelry engraving and cutting field, almost each week will send laser machines to overseas market for gold silver cut.

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