How to get a perfect cutting effect:Charry

How to get a perfect cutting effect

How to get a perfect cutting effect.

How to get a perfect cutting effect

In the conventional low-peak perforation process, the molten material remains more on the surface of the workpiece due to the slower piercing speed, resulting in inconsistent apertures and imperfectness.
High peak power perforation is faster, resulting in a narrower and deeper weld pool, so the pore size is smaller and the splash is smaller. The perforated surface is clean and consistent. Suitable for fine processing.


The peak power is high, the heat affecting zone is small, and the splash is slight;
Significantly reduce the pollution of the protective window;
The follow-up control is simple and the process stability is high;
Conducive to small hole cutting;
Quickly enter the cutting without additional action, saving processing time;
It is easy to cut, which is conducive to achieving stable and high quality cutting results.

Secondly,Highly reflective materials.

The peak power is high, the material absorbs more laser light, the process debugging is simpler, and the high anti-alarm is less likely to occur in cutting and perforating.

Thirdly,Complex contours.

High peak power results in a better cutting profile, especially for fine contours.

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