2.gas consumption of laser cutting machine-Ella

Gas Consumption

In China,one bottle of Oxygen is 8 $/bottle, Nitrogen is 16$ /bottle.

Standard oxygen or nitrogen gas bottle is 40L/bottle.

1.For carbon steel, we mainly use Oxygen to cut.

For carbon steel cutting, the thicker, the less Oxygen pressure need. 

Material Thickness Air consumption
CS 1mm 40L/40minutes
CS 2mm 40L/50minutes
CS 3mm 40L/60minutes
CS 4mm 40L/70minutes
CS 6mm 40L/80minutes
CS 8mm 40L/90minutes
CS 10mm 40L/110minutes
CS 12mm 40L/180minutes
CS 14mm 40L/200minutes
CS 16mm 40L/220minutes
CS 20mm 40L/220minutes

2.For stainless steel, mainly use Nitrogen to cut.

The thicker of the stainless steel, the higher Nitrogen pressure we need.

Material Thickness Air consumption
SS 1mm 40L/80minutes
SS 2mm 40L/40minutes
SS 3mm 40L/30minutes
SS 4mm 40L/30minutes
SS 6mm 40L/30minutes
SS 8mm 40L/30minutes

3.As for the gas, clients mostly use oxygen and nitrogen,also some choose compressor air.

When using the compressor air, we should make sure the compressor air up 13bar,

something need to keep in mind:

Firstly,make sure your gas cylinders have enough air.

Usually 1.8m height air tanks is enough.

Secondly,the compressor air must be dry and clean,

without any water and dust.

Thirdly,also need dryer and filter

4.Other Precautions of using laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine laser source is fiber laser generator,

it will give out waste gas when cutting, some of gas are harmful.

So when cutting these special materials, need to deal with the waste gas and then give out.

The fiber laser source is category 4,laser beam is harmful to human boy, especially to eyes.

Workers need to protect themselves, also should prevent fire.