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galvanized sheet fiber laser cutter

XT Laser has galvanized sheet fiber laser cutter with 3 year warranty. We have from 500w to 4000w power. Galvanized sheet cutting ability like SS material.

500w can cut 2mm max. And 750w can cut 3mm max. 1000w can cut 5mm max.1500w can cut 6mm max. 2000w can cut 8mm max.

But we don’t suggest to cut limit thickness. Because it will do harm to laser source. Also will reduce the laser source lifetime.


For galvanized sheet cutting work. You can use three kind of gas. Nitrogen and Oxygen, also the compressed air.

Within 3mm you can use compressed air. Over 3mm must need Nitrogen to cut. Oxygen can cut also within 3mm, But the cut edge will not be orininal color.

So did compressed air cut effect.


Here is the cutting sample for customer we did last week.

Do you also have the same requirment as this?

Galvanized sheet fber laser cutter

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