Functions of Parts from Cutting Machine—Tony

Functions of Parts from Cutting Machine

In the fiber laser cutting machine, different parts have different functions to achieve the cutting purpose. So, what are their functions? Please read on.

Machine Bed:

The main function of machine bed is support all the parts working. The range of load-bearing ability is between 800kg to 1500kg. Its own weight is able to ensure the machine’s stability.

Laser source:

A device for generating a laser beam source. For the laser source of XT Laser, we use IPG, Raycus, and Nlight. Sometimes we also provide other brands’ laser source. The machine power we have 500 watt and above. Those laser source we use is the mainstream laser source you can find in this market.

Cutting head:

Mainly include part like cutting head body, focus lens, protective mirrors, capacitance type sensor Auxiliary gas nozzles and other parts. The cutting head drive device is used to drive the cutting head alone Z axis according to the program. It is composed of servo motor and transmission parts such as ball screw or gear.

Driving system:

The machine’s move is through the fit of control system and machine. Control system give the servo motor to produce the kinetic energy, the X,Y and  Z axis are moved by kinetic energy. By the rail guide and rack, machine will move on X and Y axis. For Z axis, the cutting head up and down by screw rod. We also put reducer under the servo motor. In this way, the reducer could protect this machine run well.

Chiller group

For cooling laser source and focus lens, reflective mirror in cutting head.

Gas Group

1 Gas tank Mainly used to supply cutting head assistant gas.
2 Air compressor and container: To provide and keep assist gas for cutting.
3 .Air cooling & dryer machine, air filter: Used to supply clean dry air to laser generators and beam paths to keep the path and mirror working.

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