Many of our clients, who contacts with fiber-laser-marking-machine, will consider about the problem of adjusting the focus point.

In fiber-laser-metal-marking process, the traditional way to adjust the focus point, is to use the handheld wheel. Currently, in order to make more convenient for the operation of metal marker, the outside red indicator is the good helper for metal-engraving-machine.

As you may know that in the metal-printing-machine, there is one inside red indicator inside of the whole metal printer, now one outside red indicator is installed on the mini & desktop fiber laser marker. During the metal engraving process, when these two red points meet together into one point, so here is the strongest laser light, so here is the focus point.

You can see the following pictures directly:

Our machines have been sent to many places in the global world. Especially for the clients, who used the marker firstly, they can also operate the jewelry laser engraving machine easily by following the videos and user manuals we sent.







Our Fiber Marking Machine has an amazing performance for the cost. It is widely used on metals and non-metals, and it can engrave both letters and high-quality images onto your products with speed (7,000mm/s) and accuracy (0.001mm).

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