Focus on machine service and reputation:Charry

Focus on machine service and reputation

Focus on machine service and reputation.

Focus on machine service and reputation

I had one customer asked some questions about fiber laser cutting machine.

Actually,we understand as a buyer,we always worry about the quality,for machine,especially for service.

1.Door to door shipping:

Yes,we can contact our shipper to provide the door to door service.I have aksed the shipper,after they replied me,will let you know.

2.Machine training:

Of course,this is one big machine,one of our engineers need go to your factory to install it and train your crews.
You only need to undetake the fees of engineers tickets,hotel and food,no extra commission for engineer.

Usually engineer will stay here 5-7days,depends on different models.

3.Customers reference:

Yes,we have customers who have bought our laser machines.
Their information is private,if you want to contact them,then we need to get their allowance in advance.
And for now,we didn’t talk any details of the machine,if finally,you make sure you will buy the machine,then i will contact them,cause it is not great to disturb customers again and again.
So after we help you solve your any confusions about machine,then we go to this step.
Hope you can understand it.


Sorry for confused you.The 5 years warranty was the last year promotion activity.I forgot to change the alibaba product template.Thank you for your reminding,we will change it in time.

For 5 years warranty,the machine cost is different,need to plus 5% cost.Some customers like to lengthen the warranty.
You know,the market is competitive,so great service will get more customers and good company reputation.

Our company warranty service is different as others:

In the warranty period,if it breaks down or some parts damaged (Except the human factors and the factors of force majeure),
we will be responsible for repair for free, the parts need to be replaced will be provided from us for free(Except the quick-wear part or Consumables).
[Many suppliers only have warranty,but all of the fees on customers.]

But even after 3 years warranty or 5years warranty(if you choose),any machine repairing,we still be responsible,just buyer need to pay the shipping cost and repair fees.
For machine,the service is always online till ending it’s life.

So as a manufacturer,we focus on quality and service.

Finally,any questions,contact us.