Focus on fiber laser cutting machine details;Charry

Focus on fiber laser cutting machine details

Focus on fiber laser cutting machine details.

Focus on fiber laser cutting machine details

Firstly,- how much weight of body?  2.6 tons

Secondly,- how much weight of total of machine?  except for water chiller and laser source, total weight is 5 tons

Thirdly,- which model and power of servo motors are used?
Servo motor: YASKAWA, Japan
2 Y axis 1300w
1 X axis 850w
1 Z axis 400w

Fourthly,- which model and version of cypcut do you use?
FSCUT 2000

Fifthly,- which model of chiller and cutting head do you use?

Price is not including water chiller, if you buy our water chiller, it is XTLASER brand,professional for fiber laser cutting machines.
Maybe others use S&A or Doluyo , which is for co2 laser , not fiber laser.

Sixthly,Can AdLink PC work in local network of company?
Yes, it can be connected with local net work.

Seventhly,What files formats use adlink/CypCut for cutting?
DXF or PLT file, same as Ezcad software.

Finally,cutting machines equipped with a system for recognizing the curvature of the sheet?

yes, there is capacitor on laser head, which can detect it  and laser head has follow-up system.

If you are a new for fiber laser cutting machine,do not worry,XTLASER will help you to know more.

If you are the agent of fiber laser cutting machine,then we can have a better market on our mutual effort.

And if you are familiar with the fiber laser cutting machine,then you know about our machine is professional than other same levels.

We always make the Amada,Trumph as our final goal,hope we can use the fiber laser cutting machine to move the development of the world.

More questions about the fiber laser cutter,contact us.