More flexible advantages of metal laser marking machine-Jennifer

First of all, many people are not very understanding of the laser marking machine.  Because it is not clear their own industry will not be used. In fact, laser marking machine is widely used in terms of concept. Useful Marking can be used to laser marking machine.

Then, the so-called fiber laser marking machine is the type of marking machine. Fiber laser  is with small size (no water cooling device, the use of air-cooled). Good beam quality (basic mode), maintenance-free features, mainly by the laser. The beam quality, the output center of 1064nm, the whole life of about 100,000 hours. Relative to other types of laser marking life more long. Electro-optical conversion efficiency of 28% or more.  Relative to other types of laser marking machine 2% -10% conversion efficiency advantages. Performance and other aspects of energy saving and environmental protection.

Features of metal laser marking machine

1.  Can be a variety of metal, non-metallic materials for processing. Especially for high hardness, high melting point, brittle material marking even more advantages.

2. Belong to non-contact processing, does not damage the product, no tool wear, marking quality is good.

3.  Thin laser beam, processing material consumption is small, processing heat-affected zone small.

4. High processing efficiency, the use of computer control, easy to automate.

Application areas in metal laser marking machine

Future advantages in metal laser marking machine

(1) The advantages of miniaturization and intensification resulting from the low manufacturing cost, mature technology and optical fiber reluctance of glass optical fiber;

(2) The glass fiber does not require the exact phase match of the incident pump light like the crystal, which is due to the wide absorption band due to the non-uniform broadening caused by Stark splitting of the glass substrate;

(3) glass material has a very low volume area ratio, heat dissipation, low loss, so the higher conversion efficiency, low laser threshold;

(4) output laser wavelength and more: This is because the rare earth ion level is very rich and its rare earth ion species as much;

(5) Tunable: As the rare earth ion energy level and wide glass fiber fluorescence spectrum wider.

(6) Since there is no optical lens in the cavity of the fiber laser, it has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free and high stability.

(7) fiber export, making the laser can easily handle a variety of multi-dimensional arbitrary space processing applications, the mechanical system design has become very simple.

(8) Competent for harsh working environment, dust, shock, shock, humidity, temperature has a high tolerance.

(9) without thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, just simple air-cooled.

(10) High electro-optical efficiency: The comprehensive electro-optical efficiency is over 20%, which greatly saves power consumption during operation and saves running costs. High-power, commercial fiber lasers are six kilowatts.

Routine maintenance

Firstly, when the machine is not working, should cut off the marking machine and computer power. When the machine is not working, the lens cover lens cover to prevent dust pollution of optical lenses.

Secondly, the work of the local circuit was high voltage state, non-professionals, do not overhaul the boot, so as to avoid electric shock accident. Any failure of the machine should immediately cut off the power.

Thirdly, equipment for a long time, the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the surface of the lower end of the focusing lens. The lighter will reduce the power of the laser, affecting the marking effect. if the focusing mirror surface is contaminated, remove the focusing mirror to clean the lower surface. Be careful to remove the focusing lens, be careful not to damage or fall. At the same time, do not touch the focusing mirror surface with your hands or other objects. In the marking machine work process, not move the marking machine, so as not to damage the machine.

In general,  marking machine do not cover the pile or put other items, so as not to affect the cooling effect of the metal laser marking machine.


Metal laser marking machine
Metal laser marking machine