Five Top Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting-Yan

Fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

In today’s fast-paced environment, manufacturers need to keep up with the high demand of consumers for quality products. The manufacturing process often undergoes several layers of sub-processes which include the preparation, actual manufacturing, and the post-manufacturing phase. These tedious tasks can take some time and severely hamper the manufacturing process. The solution to this is acquiring materials that can do the job at a faster pace than manual or mechanical techniques.

One such solution is the acquisition of a fiber laser cutting machine that can simplify your work process for you by using a machine-operated laser to cut or engrave on metal sheets. It may be a bit pricey, but it has its advantages.

Here are a few of them:

1. Cost-Efficiency

If you’re thinking about the cost already, then worry not. A fiber laser cutting machine may cost you a lot at first, but the returns far outweigh the costs. Fiber laser cutters firmly hold the sheet in place, which prevents the metal from moving out of place. This ensures that you won’t have to do a second rerun or another version of your initial work, saving you the cost of purchasing or forging more metal sheets, and the manpower it takes to cut them manually.

The following points will prove why a fiber laser cutter is a more cost-efficient option.

2. Safety

Because it’s machine-operated, a fiber laser cutter doesn’t need to have humans near it, save for human supervision. Other than, it’s good to go on its own. This reduces the risk of injury brought about by manually cutting or engraving a sheet. The fiber laser cutting machine also operates in an enclosed and isolated room, lessening the possibility of people inhaling its poisonous fumes. When it comes to safety, a fiber laser cutter is the safer option for metal cutting.

3. Precision

As stated earlier, the fiber laser cutter holds the metal sheet firmly in place to avoid any shaking or moving. The heat is also concentrated on a specific area without requiring any additional equipment to keep it that way. This lessens the cost of equipment maintenance and purchases. If you’re very particular about design, then a fiber laser cutter is definitely for you.

4. Long Life Span

A fiber laser cutter is sturdier than most machines due to the way it’s structured. This gives it the ability to outlive any other cutting equipment you have with you. If you have a keen eye for taking care of the material, then perhaps a fiber laser cutter may be just the machine you need for your manufacturing business. As high-end equipment, it may require more care, but it will be worth it in the long run.

5. Easy to Use

Since a fiber laser cutter, is, again, operated by a machine, human supervision is much easier. You won’t have to stand near the machine itself to check on how well it’s doing. Instead, all you need to do is check from the side of the machine to see if it’s already doing its job.