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Plate and pipe cutting machine

Fiber laser plate and pipe cutting machine is becoming more and more popular. Include laser source, cutting head and so on. All construction sub-units, such as fiber laser resonators, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) controls, program software, handling equipment and etc. All supplied by world class quality manufacturers or made and developed by XT Laser. XT Laser assumes total and overall responsibility for the equipment.

Plate and pipe cutting machine principal characteristics as below:

  • Compact design facilitating a wide variety of applications.
  • CNC with laser control function.
  • Resonator with reflective sensors.
  • Simple program for pieces. And cutting plans with automatically adapted feed speed, power output for each piece, and using CNC.
  • Highly dynamic equipment.
  • Rigidity: high strength transfer on account of the stability of construction.
  • Durability: enclosed drivers.
  • Accessibility: spare parts service

Environment conditions of plate and pipe cutting machine

  • If the workplace temperature between 15-35 degrees C. The direct sunlight can’t expose the system components.
  • In case of tropical climatic conditions. Or if the temperature of the workplace rises above 35 degrees C. It is recommended that the equipment should be housed within an air-conditioned space or room.
  • The ambient air dew point conditioning better less than 10 degrees C. In order to prevent condensation in the refrigerated parts of the machine.
  • It is recommended that the machine should be installed on a vibration-free floor.
  • laser beam can absorb vapours resulting from paint or solvent injection. And can adversely affect the functioning of the system. For this reason, contact with the laser beam by such vapours may constitute a high risk.

Plate and pipe cutting machine video:

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