Fiber laser ring marking machine-Jennifer

Fiber laser metal ring marking machine in inside and outside ring marking. Metal ring laser engraving machine is quite popular in the metal processing field. Many clients doing jewelry marking and engraving machine, will choose the metal laser marking machine in gold and silver pendents, bracelet. Today we are going to talk about the details of metal laser cutting machine.

Cutting & Engraving Testing Samples Sharing

Customized the gold and silver cutting and engraving test for clients. Many clients are doing the jewelry business. It is the important for the jeweler business person to choose the bracelet engraving machine by XT LASER products. Last week, one of our clients, come to XT LASER, and send their cutting DXF format, to our factory. Our technician engineer made the field cutting test for him – to cutting the silver with max 1mm depth. Thus we use the 50w IPG fiber laser ring marking machine to make such test. The final effects are quite satisfied with our clients. Finally, only 1 hours is enough for this cutting.

Why XT LASER cut the gold and silver greatly?

Firstly, we should get the high quality of DXF format file. It is the necessary step to do the all works. Secondly, we should find a reliable technician who can operate the machine well. XT LASER has the technician in this field 14 years. The person knows well about the parameter-adjusting in the fiber laser metal ring field. XT LASER, started the fiber laser machines 14 years ago. At the very beginning of our business, our boss noticed the promising future of fiber laser field. Then we devoted ourself into this fields. What’s more, every year, we sold the 200 sets fiber laser marking machine in jewelry business. Many great works are done by our clients. Fiber laser ring marking machine is quite popular in jewelry business field.
fiber laser ring marking machine

fiber laser ring marking machine