Fiber Laser Marking Systems-Angelina

Fiber Laser Marking Systems

We manufacture fiber laser marking system and engraving machines for a wide variety of applications.

These Laser Systems for laser engraving and laser marking can increase production rates.

It will save a lot of time and effort if you determine the type of laser you need.

This information will lead you through the “mysteries” of lasers to your final selection.

We will not go through the technical theories of how a laser works, but what is the laser applications.

We will determine the proper choices for Marking, Engraving.

1.Basic introduction of fiber laser marking system

There are many types of lasers, each having different characteristics and differing interactions with various materials.

We need to know the lasers output wavelength, average power, peak power, pulse rate, beam quality, and beam size.

It will also help us to understand the conversion efficiency and consumable requirements.

The following are the various types of lasers we will be considering for the applications I mentioned above:

First of  all, the CO2 Laser, with a wavelength of 10,600 nm (nanometers), reacts best with organic materials.

Such as wood, plastic, paper, glass and fabrics.

But it can mark metal materials at the higher power levels.

With output power levels from 10-Watts to 25-Kilowatts, these lasers could mark, engrave.

Metals are very reflective to the wavelength of CO2 Lasers and they do not work well for marking metals.

Because of  the lower power levels required for marking.

CO2 Lasers can operate in the continuous wave (CW) mode or a pulsed mode.

However, the peak power in the pulse mode generally never exceeds twice the CW power.

The fiber Laser marking system is with a wavelength of 1,060 nm.

Besides, it is the newest and most efficient and reliable laser on the block with life times of 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

It is diode pumped and has power output levels from 10-watts to 10 plus kilowatts.

From 10 to 30-watts, it can be “Q” switched for marking and scribing applications including plastics.