Fiber laser marking system for pigeon rings-Angelina

Fiber laser marking system for pigeon rings

Fiber laser marking system is also popular in the pigeon rings industry.

In recent days   i have met with many customers asking for marking number on the pigeon rings.

Many customer who feed the pigeon need this fiber laser marking machine.

Besides, they could also buy the machine to do pigeon rings processing.

fiber laser marking system

Actually for this production, it is small in size, and their material is also stainless steel.

So 20w fiber laser marking machine is ok.

And also for this  products, the 20w fiber laser marking machine is ok.

And for this pigeon rings, the  customer often ask for marking the rings in bulk.

So we need equip with the  80mm rotary device for the customer.

Below is the photo:

rotary device

If the customer has requirements for the speed and the marking outcome, they could choose the 30w machine.

Below is the parameter of the fiber laser marking system:

Main components  

1.1 The European CE standard production

1.2 Marking area: 110*110mm( Optional )

1.3 Laser type: Fiber laser source 20w Raycus laser source(the best quality laser in China)

1.4 Sino brand galvo head.

1.5 F-theta lens: Wavelength brand from Singapore.

1.6 Control system: Beijing JCZ control system, EZCAD software

1.7 Supported Photoshop, Coral draw and format AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP etc.

1.8 Computer: Lenovo laptop

1.9 Working talbe: 2D (X-Y worktable).

1.10 Protective glasses

If u have requirements for the pigeon ring marking, pls feel free to ask me:

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