Fiber laser marking machine for rings-Angelina

Fiber laser marking machine for rings

The jewelry industry would like to ask for marking rings with fiber laser marking machine.

The customers want to mark special logo and printing on the rings.

For the rings, it could mark on outside or inside.

Most of the customers just need the surface marking on the ring. so the 20w  fiber laser marker is ok.

Below is the machine spec:

* Laser source: Raycus laser source, the best brand in China.
* Lens: 110*110mm lens, wavelength brand from Singapore.
* Control card: JCZ control card from Beijng, the best one in China.
* Software: EZCAD software, from Beijing JCZ company. 
* Working table: 2D working table, for focus distance adjust by forward-backward/left-right moving. 
* Galvo head: SINO brand galvo head, the most hot selling one in market. 
*Computer: Lenovo

AS we know, there are many different price in the market.

The machine price is much concerned with the machine specification.

Besides, for the rings marking, we usually equip with the 50mm rotary device.

It could help clamp the rings so the job would be easier to process.

fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is popular in the jewelry industry.

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